Tasman Resource Management Plan - TRMP

Rules about how we maintain and enhance our environment, while allowing efficient use and development of resources in a sustainable way.

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Our goal is open, responsive, fair and efficient processes for all resource management decisions.


Updates to the TRMP

Find area and zone maps in the Tasman Resource Management Plan.

When we change the Tasman Resource Management Plan there are several rounds of consultation - from discussion to final adoption:

Guidance for activities that might require resource consent, and best practice guides to help you minimise effects on the environment.

How the Rural Land is managed in the District, the different zones, and the rationale for them.

We recognise cultural, spiritual, historical and traditional associations of iwi with our identified statutory area. Learn more and view maps.

Various iwi management plans are lodged with us to help us consider changes to resource management plans or statements.

We make submissions on national policy statements, national environmental standards and regulations that influence the Tasman Regional Policy Statement and Tasman Resource Management Plan.

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