Property information

Find out about properties in the Tasman region, from Land Information Memorandums, to viewing the contents of our Property Files.

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Find out about a property, from land information, boundaries and noise restrictions through to a property's Council file.

If you're looking for maps, please go to our shared Nelson-Tasman map service, Top of the South Maps. You can get a lot of information there - turn on layers that will show you properties, rating information, pipes and drains, parks and reserves, cemeteries, and much more.

Everything you need to know about requesting a Land Information Memorandum, how much it will cost, and what it will contain.

We have a file of information on almost every property in the region. You can request a digital copy of the file, or come in and view it in one of our offices.

New Zealand has a relatively high earthquake risk so it is important for safety reasons that buildings are built or upgraded to be safe in an earthquake.

Paper roads are also known as unformed legal roads. This page answers questions on access and what to do if you have one on your property.

All properties must have an address. For safety, we encourage the use of Rapid numbers so emergency services can find rural properties quickly.