Part V - water

Part V deals with the taking, using, diverting and damming of water, including the management of water quality.

Part V applies to all uses of water including taking, diverting and damming.

Part IV applies to all activities carried out in the beds and on the surfaces of streams, rivers and lakes.

Part VI of the Plan addresses the discharge of contaminants into water and the management of water quality.

 Part V: Water - Introduction (1-10-2011) (pdf, 26 KB)


Chapter 30: Taking, using, damming and diverting water
Chapter 31: Rules for water takes, diversions, uses or damming
Chapter 32: Information required with permit applications for taking, using, damming or diverting water
Annex 1: Water conservation (Buller River) order 2001
Annex 2: Water conservation (Motueka River) order 2004

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