Read about some of the current and completed projects that we've been undertaking, all around Tasman.

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Quick links to current engineering projects.

The Future Development Strategy will show where growth is to be located, and in what form, and what infrastructure will be needed to support that growth.

Find out more about the project underway to identify and protect outstanding natural landscapes and features in the Golden Bay and Northwest Coast areas.

View a map of all projects included in the Long Term Plan 2018-2028.

We're working on a project to redevelop the Motueka library to meet the community's current and future needs.

We asked you to let us know how you would like to see parks and reserves in Motueka Ward classified and managed in future.

We're working on a business case for the development of Port Tarakohe. Initial feedback closes 23 May.

Details of the Waimea Community Dam project in the Lee Valley.

The development of the Waimea River Park is a long term project that will be ongoing over the next decade.