Land remediation update
Now that the Pigeon Valley fire is controlled, we will be working towards remediating damage caused by the fire and equipment used to contain it. Landowners/leaseholders need to initially utilise their insurance cover. Where there is no cover or the cover is insufficient, the next alternative is to ...

Requests for official information

Anybody can make a request for official information - verbally or in writing.
It's best to make your request in writing. If we're unsure abut you're request we'll be in touch.

We treat all reqests for information as a request under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA). You don't have to state that it is an official information request for LGOIMA to apply.


How to make a request
How long will it take?
How much will it cost?
What information is available?
Why would we withhold information?

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