Part III - coastal marine area

Part III deals with the occupation and disturbance of the foreshore, seabed and sea.

Part III applies to the coastal marine area that extends seaward of the line of mean high water springs to 12 nautical miles offshore and includes all foreshore, seabed and sea in that area and the air space above it. Download the documents below for full details.


Part III: Coastal Marine Area - Introduction (31-03-2012) (pdf, 29 KB) (pdf, 86 KB)


Chapter 20: Effects of craft using surface of coastal waters 
Chapter 21: Effects of disturbance, structures and occupation on coastal marine conservation, heritage, access and amenity values
Chapter 22: Aquaculture
Chapter 23:  Natural hazards & hazardous substances
Chapter 24: Noise emissions
Chapter 25: Coastal marine area rules
Chapter 26: Information required with coastal permit applications

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