Land remediation update
Now that the Pigeon Valley fire is controlled, we will be working towards remediating damage caused by the fire and equipment used to contain it. Landowners/leaseholders need to initially utilise their insurance cover. Where there is no cover or the cover is insufficient, the next alternative is to ...

Trade waste

Find out how to apply to discharge trade waste and calculate fees that may be due.

All businesses that produce liquid trade waste and discharge to the wastewater system must apply for an approval to discharge. 

Got questions?

Please contact the Engineering Services Department, Phone 03 543 8400, or email

What is trade waste?
The Trade Waste Bylaw
Four types of wastewater discharge
Do I have to be an Approved Discharger?
Application forms and guidance flowchart
Wastewater fees
Where to dispose of your wastewater, recycling and rubbish

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