How to make a submission

A submission is the way Tasman District Council can take into account your views, comments or concerns about someone's resource consent application - whether in support, or to oppose the application.

Who can make a submission?            

You can only submit on a resource consent application when:

  • The Tasman District Council has advertised the application in the public notices section of the newspaper and placed a sign at the site (i.e. the application has been publically notified); or
  • The Tasman District Council has served notice on you because you may be adversely affected, even though the effects of the proposed activity may be minor.

Making a joint submission

If others feel the same way as you about the application, you should consider making a joint submission (e.g., by forming a community group and appointing a spokesperson). One joint submission has the same weight as if all the individuals made their own submissions. Make sure you clearly identify the contact person for the submission.

When can you make a submission?            

You have 20 working days after the application is publicly notified to make your submission.

View currently notified resource consent applications

The closing date for submissions will also be included in the newspaper advertisement or website notice, sign or letter from the Tasman District Council. It is important to get your submission to the Council in time, as submissions may not be accepted after the closing date.

How to make a submission            

You can either use a Tasman District Council submission form or write your own submission

Form for submission on Resource Consent Application (pdf, 36 KB)

For more information about making a submission go to:

An everyday guide to the Resource Management Act series 3.2: making a submission about a Resource Consent Application(external link)

Step 1: Understand the application

  • read the application carefully. If necessary, photocopy the important parts of the application and include them with your submission
  • study the assessment of envrionmental effects (AEE).
  • refer to the Tasman Resource Management Plan. It is available at Council offices, libraries and on this website.

Step 2: Write your submission

Your submission must be in writing and clearly state:

  • your full name, address, telephone number, fax number, and email address (if you have one).
  • whether you support or oppose the application, or wish to make a neutral submission
  • the particular parts of the application you support or oppose (if possible, refer to a specific page or section of the application)
  • your reasons for your support or opposition
  • the decision you want the Tasman District Council to make as a result of your submission
  • any conditions you feel should be imposed if the consent is granted
  • whether you wish to speak in support of your submission at a hearing.
  • Any other information that you think is important for the Tasman District Council to know in making a decision on the application.

An effective submission should:

  • explain your reasons for supporting or opposing the application clearly, so Tasman District Council can understand your views.
  • be specific about how the proposal affects you and/or the environment and suggest how the effects could be managed, minimised or avoided.
  • deal with the facts and provide examples, where appropriate.
  • make sure your concerns or views relate to the activity applied for, not to activities that cannot be addressed under the Resource Management Act. Tasman District Council can only consider the environmental effects associated with the activity – we cannot take into account trade or business competition.
  • if relevant, suggest alternatives to the proposed approach, together with your reasons.
  • If you want particular conditions placed on a consent application, explain why.

Step 3: Lodge your submission

You can lodge your submission with Tasman District Council (Resource Consents Administration Officer) in any of the following four ways:

  1. hand delivered to any of the Council offices;
  2. mailed to Private Bag 4, Richmond 7031;
  3. faxed to the Council on (03) 543 9524 (please post the original too); or
  4. emailed to the Council at

You must also send a copy of your submission to the applicant.

What happens to your submission?            

As soon as the submission period closes, we will write to confirm that your submission has been received. You will not be sent copies of the other submissions received, but you are welcome to come into the Council offices to view the other submissions.

If the application goes to a hearing the issues raised in submissions will be discussed in the Council officer's report presented to the hearing committee.

What other rights do submitters have?            

A recent change to the law means that submitters may now require that a decision on a resource consent be made by an independent commissioner (rather than local councillors). 

A request for the application to be heard by a commissioner must be made no later than 5 working days after the closing date for submissions. However, if submitters excercise this right they may (depending upon whether a commissioner would have been used anyway) be required to contribute to the greater cost of using an independent commissioner compared to councillors.

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