Coastal management frequently-asked questions

Help with technical terms and understanding the maps and what they mean.

My property is included in the extent of the mapping, what does this mean?

This is the beginning of a conversation
Why is my property shown as being flooded when it’s not directly connected to the coast?
How will this mapped information affect my property value?
How will this mapped information affect my property insurance?
How will this mapped information affect my Council rates?
What if I want to sell my property?

My property doesn't seem to be directly affected - what do I need to know?

Coastal communities need a cohesive response - we still need your input

Why is Council undertaking this coastal management project?

Our coastline is important to everyone
We need to prepare for the impacts of climate change and coastal hazards
Help with technical terms: definitions
How do we know the rate of future sea level rise?
How is Council using this mapped information?

What do we already know?

What infrastructure and assets are at risk from future sea level rise and coastal hazards?
Information from our iwi partners
Information from other agencies

What does the mapping show?

Sea level elevations
Coastal erosion and accretion - historical rates
Coastal protection structures - what we've mapped
How are coastal protection structures accounted for in the mapping?

What doesn't the mapping show?

The use of wave runup in mapping coastal storm inundation
Mapping on the north west coast of the district
Other natural hazards in the coastal area

Who did the mapping?

Council staff produced the maps using a combination of peer-reviewed calculations, data and mapping tools.

Peer-reviewed use of NIWA's coastal calculator tool
LiDAR data and mapping tools
Coastal management mapping methodology report

What else is the Council doing about climate change?

A plan for taking action on climate change

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