Māpua Waterfront Area Masterplan

Adopted in 2017, the Mapua Area Waterfront Masterplan helps manage this growing area.


The ultimate goal of the Māpua Waterfront Area Masterplan is to public and community spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well-being.

The strategic future direction of the Māpua Waterfront Area encompasses:

  • preservation of the area between Golden Bear Brewery and the estuary as an open space reserve with minor improvements
  • retention of Council ownership, and preservation of the vibrancy of the Mapua wharf area as a ‘visitor destination’
  • retention of the reserve space in Waterfront Park and explore improvements to enhance community facilities and usage
  • retention of Council ownership of the remediated land area at Tahi Street as a strategic asset for the future
  • improvement, preservation and maintenance of the Grossi Point Recreation Reserve
  • improvement and management of parking, lighting, and accessibility and safety of walking areas.

The Masterplan is due for review after five years.

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