Youth leadership grant

We provide grants for youth aged 15-20 to pursue leadership opportunities. Applications are open at any time.

The Tasman District Council are able to provide scholarships of up to $500 each to students from within the Tasman District to participate in youth leadership opportunities, such as The Spirit of New Zealand, Outward Bound, Festival for the Future and other experiences, conferences and workshops.

This page explains the criteria and links to the application form. Please note that applications must be received prior to the event taking place. 

Am I eligible?
What are the criteria?
How do I report back?

Application form

Note that you will need to attach a letter of support at the end of this application form. This letter may be written, for example by your teacher, coach or parents.

Leadership opportunity

Please provide information about the leadership and development opportunity you are seeking sponsorship for.

Programme costs

Please list the costs associated with this leadership and development opportunity.

Your aspiration

Attach a letter of support, which includes the referee's name, phone number, relationship to you (e.g. teacher, coach, parent etc.) and why they support your application.

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