Catchment enhancement fund

We provide financial assistance and advice to landowners and catchment groups to achieve catchment-scale improvements in waterway and wetland health.

This fund provides financial assistance and advice to landowners and catchment groups to undertake ecological, human health, recreational and cultural improvements to their waterways and wetlands. This includes riparian plantings, creation of in stream habitat and projects that enhance water quality.

The fund is available year-round, and is allocated on the basis of the potential for improvements in ecological or human health values.



If you would like to apply for assistance, please fill out the application form below. If successful, we will be in touch regarding your application.

We have limited funds and we will only be able to fund projects that are highly likely to produce a highly beneficial outcome. In many cases we will only be able to part-fund the project.

Please note: For planting projects, applicants may need to contact suppliers ahead of time to secure plants and ensure availability. Planting projects should occur over or near winter to improve plant root establishment in case of summer droughts.


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Funding criteria

Application form

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Assessment numbers are also known as valuation numbers.

You can find your assessment number on the Top of the South maps.


About the project

Include if relevant: length of stream, width of riparian buffers, wetland area.

You can upload the file if you already have a plan, otherwise include if relevant: timing, staging, site preparation including control of particularly difficult weeds, what plants will be planted where - including any special treatment of areas that get flooded or potentially eroded.

Eg. quality and quantity of native riparian vegetation or wetlands currently exists on the site; any particular special bird, fish or plant life.

Eg. weeding, protection from grazing. This should include information about your skills and experience managing similar projects.

This may be a requirement for applicants who have limited experience in the type of work the project demands.

Note: group projects in priority areas that support each other may be more likely to receive funding.

Note: a successful project in a priority area may get multiple years of funding.

Note: pools within the channel that never dry up, even when the stream stops flowing, can be a refuge and often contribute to higher stream biodiversity.

Please use the format dd/mm/yy

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