Safety on motorbikes and scooters

Training courses and events to promote motorbike and scooter safety. 

Training courses

Too many riders are crashing and being injured on the roads. Statistics show the majority are not due to other vehicles or the conditions, but to rider error, handling or observation. These crashes are avoidable.

Book a Rider Training Course and receive up to a $50 subsidy from the cost of this course. To find out more and to register for a course visit the Ride to Live website(external link).

Competency-based training and assessment

From 1 March 2014, if you want to get your motorcycle licence, you'll be able to choose between the current driver testing regime and the new competency-based assessment scheme, or a combination of the two.

Visit the NZTA website for more information.(external link)

Report road hazards

Please report roading issues such as loose gravel, trees obscuring signs or spills on the road.

To report an issue, phone one of the numbers below, give accurate details on where and what needs fixing and make sure you say you're a motorcyclist.

Further reading

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