Pigeon Valley Fire Update 68: Wakefield prepare to evacuate notice lifted
Wakefield prepare to evacuate notice lifted Civil Defence Group Controller Roger Ball has lifted the conditional re-entry status for Wakefield. The decision was possible because of the work that had been done in fighting the fire and means people living and working in Wakefield are no longer subjec...

Richmond airshed

The use of woodburners is restricted in the Richmond airshed.


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About the airshed

Richmond’s airshed was created in 2006 and is the only airshed in our district.  

The National Environmental Standards and the Council’s management of air quality aims to reduce pollution in the airshed over time.

Since September 2016 the standard was set at no more than three high pollution nights a year in the airshed. From 2020 no more than one a year is allowed.

Authorised wood burners

Authorised wood burners (including pellet fires) for installation in the Richmond airshed are listed on the Ministry of Environment’s Authorised wood burner list(external link).


Air quality management in the Richmond Airshed
Richmond Airshed wood burner rules

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