Mapua / Ruby Bay

Mapua / Ruby Bay started life as the fruit basket of Tasman District, servicing the surrounding apple orchards.

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Located on the western mouth of the Waimea Inlet this once sleepy village is now a bustling tourist centre. The waterfront is home to many attractions and eateries and features views of Tasman Bay, the Waimea Inlet, Rabbit Island, and the Richmond Ranges.

Council representation and council offices

  • Mapua / Ruby Bay is part of the Moutere-Waimea Ward
  • The Mapua and Districts Community Association provides a community voice
  • The Tasman District Council Richmond Office is approximately 19 kilometres from Mapua
Waimea, Mapua / Ruby Bay water supply and quality
Mapua Community Library
Councillor Tim King (Deputy Mayor) - Moutere / Waimea Ward
Councillor Dean McNamara - Moutere / Waimea Ward
Councillor Anne Turley - Moutere / Waimea Ward

These projects are included in the Long Term Plan for Mapua / Ruby Bay.