Water skiing in Tasman

Everyone wants a fun and safe water skiing experience - this page lists what you can do and your responsibilities.

General advice

‘Water skiing’ means being towed, whether on water skis, aquaplane, surfboard, biscuit, paraglider or any similar device, or barefoot.

When water skiing stick to designated areas (unless more than 200 metres off shore) and always have an observer who is more than 10 years of age.  

Ski Access Lanes are marked with posts and, in most cases, buoys coloured orange with black bands. They are intended only to provide access at speed for vessels towing a skier or similar between the shore and the open water 200 metres off shore.

Do not continue to ski within an access lane, nor use the marker buoys as a slalom course.

Boats pulling skiers are required to exit the access lane at the first opportunity. 


Where are the water ski lanes?
Your rights when water skiing
Your obligations when water skiing
Areas where you cannot water ski 
Reserved and special areas
Kaiteriteri water skiing priority times
Using ski access lanes and reserved areas

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