Beaches and swimming

The warm waters of Tasman are generally ideal for swimming. Located in one of the sunniest regions of New Zealand, the Tasman District has a wide selection of places to swim.

The district has recreation beaches, river reserves and public swimming pools.

There are no patrolled beaches, so swimmers should take extra care to consider their safety before setting out.

Think before you swim:

  • If the water is discoloured or there has been recent (in the past 48 hours or so) heavy rain or after a sewerage spill: don't go swimming.
  • Can you be seen? Avoid areas with lots of boat traffic and consider a bright swim cap or fluoro t-shirt;
  • Avoid swimming near boat launching ramps or wharves, especially when they are in use by boats - take special care to watch out for children near ramps;
  • Do not swim in areas reserved for waterskiing or access lanes if they are in use;
  • Avoid channels or other areas subject to strong currents, especially during outgoing tides.
Beach locations
River swimming spots

Public swimming pools

Richmond Aquatic Centre
Motueka saltwater baths
School pools

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