River management

One of Tasman District Council’s major roles as a unitary authority is to look after the region’s rivers and drainage systems. This section details how that work is completed.

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We maintain 285 kilometres of the region's rivers. Rivercare meetings are held annually, usually during July or August.

Contact Giles Griffith for more information.

Map of classified rivers

General works - operation and maintenance

Stopbank maintenance (Waimea, Lower Motueka and Riuwaka)
Tidal gates (Waimea and Riuwaka)
Weed control along active river channels
Willow maintenance and planting
Native riparian planting
Rock bank protection and river control
Gravel extraction and relocation - general principles
Gravel extraction
Drain and waterway clearing
Illegal dumping

Other work

Subsidised works
Capital works

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