Tasman has a wide range of habitats, and as a result is rich in plant and animal life, including many species found nowhere else in New Zealand.

Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is about the variability among living organisms in freshwater, land and marine environment ecosystems. It includes genetic diversity, species diversity and ecological diversity.

New Zealand's long period of isolation as an island (80 million years) has allowed the development of highly distinctive plants and animals. Unfortunately, our native animals are particularly vulnerable to predation by introduced animals and our plants to browsing by introduced animals and competition from introduced plants.

Work is underway to prepare a Bio Strategy for Tasman District to provide strategic direction and action priorities for Biodiversity and Biosecurity initiatives within the district.

Tasman is a large and ecologically rich district, special in terms of its indigenous biodiversity.

Information on different species you can use to help restore native plants around our district.

Tasman is home to several internationally and nationally significant estuaries and sand flats because of the rich abundance of life they support.