Land remediation update
Now that the Pigeon Valley fire is controlled, we will be working towards remediating damage caused by the fire and equipment used to contain it. Landowners/leaseholders need to initially utilise their insurance cover. Where there is no cover or the cover is insufficient, the next alternative is to ...

Takaka at Harwoods

Flows are affected by the Cobb Dam at this site.

Flow for last 7 days at Takaka at Harwoods

Flow for last 7 days at Takaka at Harwoods
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All times are in NZ Standard Time, during Daylight Saving add one hour.

Flow for last 30 days at Takaka at Harwoods

Flow for last 30 days at Takaka at Harwoods

River Flow History

Catchment size: 260 km2

Period of analysis: 24 March 1975 to 20 February 2018.

Comment:  The flows recorded here are affected by the release of water from the Cobb Power Station which is located 25km upstream.

  Flood Flows Drought Flow
Return Period  (m3/s)  1 day average 7 day average
 Annual  347.7 1.627 2.366
 5 Year 435.7 1.093 1.638
 10 Year 532.6 0.911 1.390
 20 Year 637.7 0.782 1.208
 50 Year 793.8 0.642 1.024
 100 Year      
 Extreme Recorded







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Map of Site Location

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Tasman District Council has exercised all reasonable skill and care in collecting and displaying this information. However, the data is provisional, and may be incorrect until checked by staff. Data should be used with caution where there are safety, monetary, or operational consequences if the data is incorrect. Note also, the data may be changed at a later time.