Land remediation update
Now that the Pigeon Valley fire is controlled, we will be working towards remediating damage caused by the fire and equipment used to contain it. Landowners/leaseholders need to initially utilise their insurance cover. Where there is no cover or the cover is insufficient, the next alternative is to ...

Nelson Historical Data

Nelson's air quality is regularly achieving the National Air Quality Standard.

Nelson City measures smoke (PM10) at two sites, one on St Vincent St in Nelson (Airshed A), and the other on Blackwood St in Tahunanui (Airshed B). The results from monitoring are averaged over a 24 hour period (midnight to midnight) and compared against the National Air Quality Standard for PM10 which is 50 micrograms per cubic metre (µg/m3).

A high pollution event is one where the 24 hour average concentration of PM10 is greater than 50 µg/m3. The National Environmental Standard requires that by the year 2020 there are no more than one high pollution events per year in a monitored airshed.

Location 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Airshed A (Victory Square) 9 2 1 0 1
Airshed B (Tahunanui) 1 0 0 1 0


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