What is the Council doing?

Urgent action is required to address climate change in Tasman District.

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As a Council, we are committed to doing what we can (within our financial and legal limits), as set out in our Tasman Climate Action Plan. We also know that ongoing, sustained action will be required – climate change will continue to affect life in our District for many generations.

We have set a series of actions in this plan, covering the short, medium and long term. We know these actions will need to be reviewed and updated regularly.

One of our medium-term aims is to work collaboratively together with iwi and communities across the Tasman and Nelson regions to develop a broader strategy for responding to climate change. We expect this to occur via our participation in the proposed Nelson Tasman Climate Forum initiative.

In the short-term, we want to get our own house in order and to prioritise work programmes that will help us achieve our goals in this plan. We’ve worked together with Enviroleaders from local secondary schools and the Zero Carbon Nelson Tasman group to identify and prioritise actions we can undertake as a Council, to begin our journey on this path.

Tasman Climate Action Plan
Waste Minimisation
Coastal Management

Updates on the Tasman Climate Action Plan

Council staff provide quarterly updates of progress on the Tasman Climate Action Plan. Short updates are included in the Chief Executive's reports to Full Council, with one detailed report each year. Below is the latest progress update on our Action Plan.

September 2020 Tasman Climate Action Plan update

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