Getting and using water consents

Some water uses requires resource consent - this guide will help you understand how to apply and how to comply.

We set rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan around taking and using water. This includes irrigation and domestic water supply. Some activities are permitted without consent, but if a proposed take is not permitted then a resource consent (also called a water permit) is required.

Some rules restrict the amount of water that can be taken for certain purposes, and there are also National Regulations regarding the measurement and reporting of consents for fresh water takes above five litres per second.

Chapter 31 - Rules for Water Takes, Diversions, etc. (14-7-2018) (pdf, 1.2 MB) (pdf, 1.3 MB)

Taking water from surface or groundwater may be 'permitted' and no special permission or resource consent is required.  

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Permitted water takes - no consent required, but conditions apply
Drilling a bore requires a consent
Water takes that require resource consent

Waiting lists for fully allocated zones

In fully allocated Water Management Zones we will establish waiting lists to record, in chronological (date) order, when potential water users first register an interest in being granted a new water permit to take water.  The waiting list approach guides the re-allocation of any water that may become available in the future in that zone.

If you want to register your name on a waiting list you must demonstrate that a need for water actually exists and, particularly in water-short areas, you must also adequately account for alternative water supplies. 

Order of priority
Waiting list and how to register

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