Want to know what your current restriction level is, and what you can do?

Use the report below to select your water scheme, and you’ll find out what your current residential restriction level is. You can also see what that means for you - what you are, and aren't, allowed to do.

Find out what restrictions are for businesses and for public institutions.

Find out what rationing is in place if you are a water consent holder,  or check the 329 notices.

Read the Tasman District Council Public Water Supply Bylaw 2016 - Amended 2019 (pdf, 1021 KB)


Not sure what water scheme you're in?

Check the map below to find out your water scheme. Click on the colour that covers your home, and you'll see what water scheme applies to you.

If your property isn’t in any of the coloured areas on the map, different restrictions may apply to you.

If you hold a resource consent to use water, check the terms of your consent.

If you have access to a private bore or water supply, please reduce your water use as much as you can as every drop counts.