Water supply

Read more about water supply to your property, meters, the water testing we do and learn how you can help keep our waterways clean.

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Application forms: Water connections or changes
Water meters
Why you need to flush your taps - plumbsolvency
Emergency treatment for private tanks
Dovedale rural water supply and quality - permanent boil water notice
Water schemes around the district

Water comes from rivers or ground bores, so we regularly test drinking water to make sure the supply is safe. Learn more about water quality in your area and where your water comes from.

Some water from our homes goes into streams - some gets treated. It's best if the two don't mix. This guide will help you protect our rivers and streams from paint, chemicals and other pollution.

Your water meter can help you monitor water usage, and detect leaks. This will save you money and avoid needless waste.

Rural water supplies have restricted flow and you need to make sure you have adequate storage.