Notified consents and hearings

Council will decide whether or not to "notify" your application - to make it public and invite feedback - based on the relevant rules, the activity classification, and the scale and effects of the activity.

There are three "tracks" your consent can follow. The three paths are:

1. Non-notified No members of the public are involved and / or you have got the written approval of all the affected persons. Sometimes a non-notified consent is fast-tracked, if it meets several criteria. Most of our consents are non-notified.
2. Limited notification Only persons who we identify as affected can submit on your proposal.
3. Publicly notified Your proposal is advertised and anyone can make a submission.


What happens when an application is notified?

Publicly notified consents
Limited notification consents
When does a notified consent have a hearing?
Direct referral to the Environment Court

If there is a hearing, how will it work?

What happens before the hearing?
What happens at the hearing?
What happens after the hearing?
Advice for anyone appearing at a hearing

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