You won't need a resource consent if...

  • Your planned activity meets all the rules in the Tasman Resource Management Plan and any national enviromental standards
  • We can give you formal confirmation of this, if you apply for a "Certifcate of Compliance" - then we will review your plan and confirm in writing that it complies with the TRMP.
  • Your planned activity breaks a boundary rule or rules only (for example a height in relation to boundary or yard setback rule), and no other other rules are involved. If that boundary isn't public (any land owned by the Crown or the council), and you have got written approval from all the infringed boundary owners have, then you can apply for a "Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity". An example might be if you're building a garage that comes too close to your property's side boundary, but your neighbour has agreed that it's okay and provided their written approval.

  • Download an application form for a Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity (pdf, 139 KB) (pdf, 678 KB)

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