Learn about resource consents

Learn how the Resource Management Act and the Tasman Resource Management Plan set the requirements for resource consents, whether you need one, and if you do, how it will work.

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The framework for our decisions

Resource Management Act 1991
Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP)
National environmental standards

Once Council receives your application, we must follow the process prescribed by the Resource Management Act 1991.

When you're preparing your resource consent application you may need to talk to local iwi. We explain the reasons and how to contact them.

Subdivision means to divide land or buildings into separate parts and each with a separate record of title. Subdivision includes changing the boundaries of any title, or amalgamating two titles into one larger title.

When processing a resource consent application, Council decides whether anyone will be adversely affected. Those "affected persons" then have rights in the consent process.

Council will decide whether or not to "notify" your application - to make it public and invite feedback - based on the relevant rules, the activity classification, and the scale and effects of the activity.

The Resource Management Act sets the number of working days that are allowed for each step of processing and making decisions on resource consent applications.

Find forms and fees - and remember, if you need help, please call us on 03 543-8400.

There's a lot of specialised, legal terminology associated with Resource Consents. This list gives you definitions for some of the terms you may encounter.