Request a pre-application meeting or duty planner advice on complex proposals

Our duty planner is here to help, or you can ask for a pre-application meeting,
Complete all fields as best you can, and attach any supporting documents to help us understand.
We will contact you to confirm we have it and - if needed - sort a meeting

Applicant details

Meeting attendees

Site details

For some queries, it may be difficult to specify an address. Please do the best you can - this information will help us to produce more accurate reports and planning resources for you. If it's not possible to provide an address, you can give map grid references instead. Please ensure they are in the NZTM coordinate system.


Please provide a brief outline of your proposal, also noticing any specific matters you would like to address at the meeting. For example, you might want to discuss resource consent requirements; traffic, heritage, urban design, ecological, tree, archaeological, storm water, or roading issues; discharge rules; or licensing requirements. This information will help us determine which council staff should attend the meeting and what we need to do to prepare for it.

Supporting information

Please attach all available supporting information. This may include conceptual plans, drawings, photos, or draft assessments of environmental effects. The more information you can provide, the more accurate our advice can be.

  • File size must be 5 MB or less. Larger files can be emailed directly to, noting that they relate to this request
  • File names must be short, with no special characters
  • Files can be .docx, .xlsx, .jpg, or .pdf.

Terms, conditions and fees

The information and advice provided by the duty planner is provided in good faith, without prejudice and is based on the specific details provided to the planner by correspondence and during the meeting.

The first half hour of planning advice is free. After that we may charge you for pre-application advice in accordance with Council’s fees & charges schedule. From 1 July 2019 this charge is $157.00 per hour inclusive of GST.

Planning advice is not a substitute for a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) and should not be relied upon in making property purchase decisions. A LIM should be obtained in order for you to access all relevant information the Council knows about a property.

At this meeting the planner will not be able to confirm whether your resource consent:

  • Will be approved,
  • Needs to be notified, or
  • Has any affected parties.

These decisions cannot be made until a complete application has been received and assessed.


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