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Status: Submissions closed on 15 November 2019, and a single submission in support was received.

Application details

[last updated 18 Feb 2020]


Tasman District Council's Engineering Services Department


This application is for the urban stormwater networks servicing the Tasman District’s fifteen townships, including stormwater discharge structures located in the coastal marine area. These fifteen Urban Development Areas are:

Brightwater Collingwood Kaiteriteri
Ligar Bay / Tata Beach Māpua / Ruby Bay  Motueka
Murchison Patons Rock Pōhara
Richmond St Arnaud Takaka
Tapawera Tasman Wakefield

The locations covered include both the existing Urban Development Areas, and future extensions needed to service the urban growth of these townships.


The proposal covers Tasman District Council’s urban stormwater networks in the District’s fifteen Urban Development Areas that require resource consents. While the main features are the discharges from the networks, the proposal also includes other aspects of use, operation and maintenance of the networks that require consent. This covers:

  • the discharges of water and contaminants from the urban stormwater networks,
  • the management of stormwater and discharges of contaminants from extensions to the Urban Development Areas to service future urban growth as identified through individual catchment management plans (more on what this means below),
  • the on-going use of existing physical Council stormwater infrastructure in zones where this is not a permitted activity, specifically the Open Space, Recreation, Conservation, Rural Industrial, and Papakāinga Zones, and
  • the maintenance, repair, upgrade and renewal of the physical network, including any associated construction activities and temporary discharges of contaminants.  

The applicant proposes to manage stormwater on a catchment wide basis across its Urban Development Areas in accordance with individual catchment management plans prepared as part of the operation of its networks. Each catchment management plan will:

  • identify and address the specific features and issues of that stormwater network and the receiving environment it discharges to,
  • be prepared to a specified timetable and with certain community engagement requirements, and
  • result in specific prioritised work programmes to address the identified stormwater management issues and how the network would be operated, maintained and upgraded to improve the quality of stormwater discharges.  

The applicant proposes that any existing permits held for the discharge of stormwater and associated contaminants from its specific discharge points will be surrendered should consent be granted.


The applicant has specifically excluded the following from the scope of the application:

  • Existing significant physical infrastructure structures, such as dams, weirs and larger tidal control gates.
  • Significant physical maintenance or replacement works, if they involve:
    • new stormwater outlet structures, or
    • continuous discharges from construction activity to receiving fresh water of coastal water for more than 48 hours; or
    • any physical works that take more than 5 days to complete.
  • Discharges of stormwater from existing rural land use (and associated buildings, structures, development) within the Urban Development Areas.
  • Short term discharges of stormwater from land disturbance activities by private developers.

The applicant has applied for the following resource consents:

Discharge of contaminants (RM191019)

Discharge and coastal permit to discharge contaminants from the urban stormwater networks (both from existing and future discharge points) to land, to fresh water, and to the coastal marine area.

Land use consent (RM191015)

To use, maintain, repair, replace or remove Council urban stormwater network infrastructure, and associated land disturbance, in the Open Space, Recreation and Papakāinga Zones.

Coastal permit (RM191016)

To disturb the seabed / foreshore by the maintenance, repair, replacement or removal of existing Council urban stormwater network infrastructure.

To occupy the common marine and coastal area by existing Council urban stormwater network infrastructure, including its maintenance, repair or renewal.

Discharge permit (RM191018)

To discharge contaminants to land or water from small to medium scale maintenance activities in connection with the Council urban stormwater network.


The application included an assessment of environmental effects. You can see the application documents below, or paper copies are available at our Richmond, Motueka, Takaka or Murchison service centres during normal office hours.

If you have any questions about the application contact us by email or phone.

Applicant's address for service / contact details

Tasman District Council’s Engineering Services Department

C/- WSP Opus, Attn: Reuben Peterson


Post:   Private Bag 36, Nelson 7010

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