Nelson Speedway Association Incorporated

Publicly notified resource consent application for speedway racing activity at 123 Lansdowne Road. View the submissions. Council's next step is organising the hearing.

The submission period for this publicly notified resource consent application closed and the next step is to organise for a hearing.

You can see the submissions in the document section below.


Application details


Nelson Speedway Association Incorporated


123 Lansdowne Road, Richmond

Legally described as  Lot 1 and part Lot 2, DP 10914, Records of Title NL 6C/1260 and NL 8C/40.


The proposal is for a recreation activity in the Rural 1 zone, described as the continuation of speedway activity, exceeding the noise levels in the Tasman Resource Management Plan and with the frequency of race meetings varied from the existing deemed resource consent.

The frequency proposed includes two occasions of consecutive two-day race events, and each two-day event counted as a single event within a cap of 15 race meetings in the annual 1 October to 30 April season. 

Racing would finish by 10pm. Race meetings would be separated by a minimum of five days, except for two-day events. Any two-day event would have a fourteen day period before and after when no race meetings would occur.

The application also seeks flexibility in the timing and calendar for contingencies:

  • Extension of racing time by one hour under certain circumstances.
  • Postponement of racing to the following day for NZ Speedway title events impacted by bad weather.

Associated activities proposed include one firework display per season.

The resource consents 

The Applicant has applied for the land use consent as a discretionary activity for the breach of the Rural Zone noise standards as a result of operating the speedway with a changed frequency.

Council’s reference number for the application is RM191306.


The application included an assessment of environmental effects.

You can see below all the application documents and the submissions.

Contact us by email or phone if you have any questions. 

Applicant's contact details

Nelson Speedway Association Incorporated

c/- Landmark Lile

FAO Victoria Woodbridge


post: PO Box 343, Nelson 7040.

Previous updates

  • 12 June 2020 - uploaded omitted attachment document to the section 92 further information reply from the applicant - omitted attachment was received from applicant on 11 June 2020
  • 1 July 2020 - changed status to submissions closed
  • 11/12 August 2020 - uploaded 803 submissions and updated status.
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