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Publicly notified resource consent applications to change and expand the Olive Estate Lifestyle Village in Richmond - submissions closed Monday 29 June 2020.

The submission period for this publicly notified resource consent application closed on 29 June 2020. Council is processing the submissions received and they will be made available below once that is done.

Application details


The Integrity Care Group Limited


Olive Estate Lifestyle Village on Hill Street (between Brenda Lawson Way and Fairose Drive), Richmond 

The legal description of the land is Lot 2 and 3, Deeds 1763, Record of Title  NL56/85 (pending issue of new Records of Title for Lots 1 to 4 under subdivision consent RM130346V1), and Lot 2 DP 511511


The proposal is for a change to the layout of the existing activity on the Olive Estate Lifestyle Village site (the existing site), and to construct and establish community activity in the Residential Zone on the land to the south east (the Hill Street block). The proposal includes associated activities and subdivision.

The changes to the layout of the existing Olive Estate Lifestyle Village

The changes to the existing activity includes:

  • the removal of the consented care facility, replaced by the construction and use of 25 villas and 12 terrace houses 
  • changes to the layout of the internal road and lanes.

These are sought as an application to change the conditions of the existing resource consent RM120928V1.

The extension onto the Hill Street block 

The proposed new activity on the Hill Street block includes the construction and use of the following: 

  • 36 single storey villas (mainly in the western part of the Hill Street block, next to the existing Olive Estate, and also some at the south-eastern end of the site) 
  • 11 two storey terrace houses fronting along the proposed extension to Fairose Drive
  • a 4400m2 two level, three-module care facility, including a dementia ward, 70 beds, dining room for residents, and 20 serviced apartments.

The proposed roads and access for the Hill Street block development involves:

  • an extension to Fairose Drive connecting to Hill Street 
  • a secondary road connecting to the existing Olive Estate site
  • access lanes 
  • a service access lane to the proposed care facility from Brenda Lawson Way. 

Other activities associated with the development include earthworks, and the construction and use of paths, parks and gardens. 


The proposal includes the following subdivision of the existing site and the Hill Street block: 

  • boundary adjustments to provide for three separate titles to accommodate the existing Lakehouse (Lot 1), the proposed care facility (Lot 6), and the balance of development (Lots 5, 7, and 8 on the Hill Street block amalgamated with Lots 2 and 3 on the existing site)
  • proposed Lot 9 will be vested in Council as road (connecting with the existing Lot 4, already vested as road) 
  • no other roads will be vested in Council, but Rights of Way in gross to Council are proposed, with Council to be responsible for the maintenance of the carriageway 
  • the subdivision does not propose any vesting of land to Council as reserve - thought it does propose public access and use of the parks in perpetuity.  

The resource consents 

Council’s master reference number for the application is RM190790.

The Applicant has applied for the following for the expansion and changes to the Olive Estate Lifestyle Village.

Change to conditions of existing land use consent (application RM120928V2)

The changes of conditions of consent RM120928V1 (for the existing Olive Estate village) sought are to enable the removal of the consented care facility, and the construction of extra residential units with an amended site layout.

Land use consent (application RM190790) 

This is needed to construct a compact density development (the residential villas and apartments) and a community activity (the care facility) off Hill Street, while not providing public reserve to the standard of the Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP).

Subdivision consent (application RM190789) 

This proposed subdivision boundary adjustment is to provide for:

  • the care facility on Lot 6,
  • to amalgamate Lots 5, 7 and 8 with Lots 2 and 3, and
  • to create a new Lot 9 to vest as road (extension of Fairose Drive).

Also included is the the land disturbance, change of use and subdivision of the land under the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health.

Land use consent (application RM190791) 

This consent for land disturbance is sought for the bulk earthworks in the Land Disturbance Area 1. These are associated with the construction of the compact density development and care facility, and include the decommissioning and filling of an existing pond.

Water permit (application RM191308)

The water permit sought is for the ‘take’ of water associated with the de-watering of a pond.


The application included an assessment of environmental effects

You can see all the application documents and further information requested by the Council below.

We will upload the submissions we received as soon as we have finished processing them.

Contact us by email or phone if you have any questions. 

Applicant's contact details

Integrity Care Group Limited

c/- Gary Rae Consulting Limited

FAO Gary Rae


post: PO Box 57, Motueka.

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