Tasman District Council's global gravel extraction consent application

Status: The hearing was closed by the Commissioners on 14 February 2020. The decsion is expected by the end of 6 March 2020.

Council's Engineering Services Department

Gravel extraction from rivers districtwide 

Hearing closed: 14 February 2020

[last updated 18 Feb 2020]

What happens next

A decision from the Commisisoners is expected within 15 working days after closing the hearing.

A copy of the decsion will be available below, and we will give notice to the Applicant and all submitters as soon it's available.

If you are unable to access, download or print these documents, contact the Resource Consents Administration Officer at the Tasman District Council offices by email (resourceconsentadmin@tasman.govt.nz) or by phone (03 543 8400) and we can arrange for a hard copy to be available at one of our service centres.

Application details


Tasman District Council's Engineering Services Department.


This application covers the extraction of sand, gravel, and other material from the beds of rivers and other water bodies within Tasman District, but excludes all of the following:

  • Te Waikoropupū Springs,
  • All rivers within Abel Tasman National Park,
  • All 24 Significant Natural Areas listed in Schedule 18.1A of the Tasman Resource Management Plan,
  • All 22 Nationally or Internationally Important Natural Ecosystem Value Areas listed in
    Schedule 25D of the Tasman Resource Management Plan except the lower reaches of the Takaka River located within Area 13 (Waitapu Estuaries) and the Motueka River within Area 20 (Motueka Delta),
  • All waters listed in Schedule 1 (Waters to be retained in Natural State) of the Buller River Water Conservation Order 2001, and
  • All waters listed in Schedule 1 (Waters to be retained in Natural State) of the Motueka River Water Conservation Order 2004.

Legal description

Districtwide - subject to specific exclusions.

Consent type, application number and proposal


This application seeks to replace the gravel extraction component of the District-wide resource consent for river works NN010109 held by the Tasman District Council.

The Council has the responsibilities of a Catchment Board under the Soil Conservation and River Control Act 1941 (SCRCA).  This application seeks various resource consents to be able to take gravel from riverbeds within Tasman District as part of those responsibilities, which are:

  • to protect the bed and banks of rivers from erosion or instability,
  • to maintain efficient movement of water and sediment down the river, or
  • to prevent or mitigate the adverse effects of flooding.

The application proposes that key sections of some rivers will be managed to keep their bed levels within defined levels. For the remainder, a defined decision-making process is proposed to ensure that any gravel extraction that occurs is the best practicable option for river management.

These types of consent are commonly referred to as ‘global’ consents. There will be two packages of consents for the Council’s river management activities - global river works, and global gravel extraction.  The river works consents were granted in September 2016. 

Link to the Tasman District Council - Global River Works Consent September 2016 (external link)

The applicant applied for the followng resource consents:

Land use consent (RM150369)

Land use consent (under section 13 of the RMA) to extract sand, gravel, and other material from the beds of rivers in the Rural 1, 2 and 3, Open Space, Recreation, Conservation, and Rural Industrial zones (as defined by the Tasman Resource Management Plan), and to disturb beds of rivers within active flowing channels for the extraction of materials.

The sorting and / or crushing of extracted materials is specificlly excluded.

Coastal permit to disturb the seabed / foreshore (RM150372)

Coastal permit to disturb riverbeds (as part of the foreshore and seabed) by extraction of sand, gravel and other material from rivers that are within the Coastal Marine Area.

Discharge of contaminants to water (RM150371)

Discharge and coastal permit to discharge sediment and other contaminants into water from activities carried out in the beds of rivers (as a result of the works described in RM150369 and RM150372).

Applicant’s contact details

The applicant's contact details are:

Tasman District Council - Engineering Services Department
Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050
FAO: Giles Griffith

Or email: giles.griffith@tasman.govt.nz  


Previous updates

Submissions closed on Friday 26 October 2018 at 4:30pm.

Processing of the application was suspended at the applicant's request on 20 December 2018.

Agenda and Council's s42A report uploaded 5 November 2019.

Applicant’s evidence uploaded 12 November 2019 (10 working days before hearing).

No submitters’ expert evidence received.

Hearing opened: Wednesday 27 November 2019 at 9am in the Elm Room, Headingly Centre, 2 Headingly Lane, Richmond.

Hearing adjourned 27 November at 5:30pm.

Hearing closed 14 February 2020. 

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