Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit

Status: The hearing for this application for resource consents for Bell Island Wastewater Treatment Plant was adjourned on 13 November 2019.

Bell Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

Hearing: Monday 11 November to Wednesday 13 November 2019.

Adjourned: 13 November 2019

Venue: Beachside Event Centre, 70 Beach Road, Tahuna

[last updated 15 November 2019]

What happens next

The Commisioners adjourned the Hearing on 13 November 2019 and have set down an agreed timetable for circulation of draft conditions for comment by parties. The circulation of those conditions is in no way an indication of any intent to grant or decline the resource consentt application - rather it's so the Commissioners have comments on conditions in case they are minded to grant the consent applications.

The applicant still has a right of reply. Once the Commissioners have confirmed they have the requisite information for their deliberations, they will close the Hearing at that time. 

If you have any questions, they can be emailed to the Council at

Application details


Nelson Regional Sewerage Business Unit.


Bell Island, Waimea Inlet; 150 Bell Island Access, via Best Island; and adjacent coastal marine area.

Legal description

Island No 2 Bell Waimea East District (CT56/193); and coastal marine area.

Consent type, application number and proposal

Details of the proposal are summarised in the public notice, and the resource consents sought include:

Discharge to coastal water (application RM171238)

Replacement for Permit NN000539V2 - Discharge of treated wastewater into Waimea Inlet from Bell Island WWTP.

Discharge to air (application RM171255)

Replacement for Permit NN000541 - Discharge of contaminants (primarily odour) to air from Bell Island WWTP.

Discharge to land (application RM171256)

Replacement for Permit RM071151 - To discharge treated wastewater to land (to the north west of the Bell Island WWTP) by way of irrigation.

Discharge to land (application RM171257)

Discharge of treated wastewater to land via seepage from clay-lined facilities (ponds) at the Bell Island WWTP.

Coastal occupation/structure (application RM171258)

To occupy the coastal marine area and to use and maintain an existing pipe and diffuser outlet structure, required for the discharge to coastal water.

Applicant details

The applicant's contact details are:

c/- Duncan Cotterill, PO Box 5, Christchurch 8140
FAO: Katherine Forward


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