TDC Pōhara flood mitigation works

Tasman District Council's Engineering Services is seeking resource consents for its flood protection works at Pōhara village.
The application is limited notified to specific persons - who have until until 14 February 2020 to make a submission.

Tasman District Council has received the following application for resource consent, and limited notified it to 27 persons who were identifed as adverely affected by the proposed flood mitigation works at Pōhara.

They are the only people who have a right to make a submission on the resource consent application, if they choose to. 

Submissions close on 14 February 2020, at 4:30pm. 

Application details


Tasman District Council's Engineering Services Department


Pōhara Village - across the following addresses: 

Address Lot description  RT number
82 Richmond Road Lot 1 DP 494605 724177
59B Selwyn Street Lot 1 DP 59341 241771
59C Selwyn Street Lot 1 DP 20483 NL13C/720
85 Selwyn Street Lot 19 DP 9603 NL13C/1379
89 Selwyn Street Lot 17 DP 9603 NL4C/1377
97 Boyle Street Section 132 Square 11 NL1A/771
Abel Tasman Drive Part Section 8A Survey Office Plan 7960 NL10B/1189
23 Lansdowne Street Lot 1 DP 11360 NL6D/254
Abel Tasman Drive &
Lansdowne Street
Legal Road  


The proposal is for flood mitigation works on two local watercourses, known as Ellis Creek and Bartlett Creek. The proposed works include

  • the upgrading and construction of culverts,
  • the construction of stopbanks, swales, & flood protection structures, and  
  • the associated recontouring of land, stream widening, and armouring of streambanks.

The resource consents 

The applicant has applied for the following resource consents under the Tasman Resource Management Plan: 

Land use consent (RM190877) for: 

  • the construction of a building (timber flood protection near 59B & 59C Selwyn Street) in the Rural 2 zone that is located in the required setbacks of (a) 5m from the internal boundary and (b) 8 metres from a river (that's less than 5m wide)
  • the construction of a building (timber wall at 14B Kohikiko Street) in the Residential zone that is located in the required setback of (a) 4.5m from the road boundary, (b) 25m from the rural zone boundary, and (c) 8 metres from the top of the bank of a river (that's 1.5m to 5m wide)
  • land disturbance that is (a) in proximity to the river bank, and (b) within the Land Disturbance Area 1 that will dam and divert floodwaters.

Land use consent (RM190876) for works in the bed of river/stream (section 13 of the RMA) for:

  • the construction and occupation of the stream bed by culverts 
  • disturbance and occupation of the stream bed  by erosion protection structures (rock armouring). 

Water permit (RM190878) for the damming and diversion of flood waters. 

Discharge permit (RM190879) for the discharge of sediment laden water to freshwater during construction.

Land use consent (RM190881) for construction of a building (earth bund) located in the Coastal Environment Area.

Water permit (RM190880) for the take, diversion and / or use of water from the dewatering associated with instream construction activity.  


The application included an assessment of environmental effects. 

If you have any questions about the application contact us by email or phone.

Making a submission

If you're one of those persons who were served notice as an affected person under the RMA, and you do want to make a submission:

  1. You must make you submission in the required form (Form 13 of the RMA).
  2. You must send a copy of your submission (written or electronic) to Tasman District Council by email, post, or by hand.
  3. You must make sure Council receives it before the end of the submission period.
  4. You must serve a copy on the applicant as soon as reasonably practicable after you've served it on the Council.

If Council receives a submission from anybody other than those people who were identified as affected persons, the Council must ignore it.

Applicant's address for service

Tasman District Council's Engineering Services

C/o Tonkin & Taylor Limited

FAO Alastair Meehan


Post: PO Box 2083, Wellington 6140

Submission form

You can get copies of the form from our service centres or use the links below:

Read the following if you're thinking of making a submission

Important information and requirements for any trade competitor
Do you want to consider making a joint submission at any hearing?
Do you want an independent hearing commissioner to be part of the decision making body?