Proposals under the Resource Management Act 1991

Details of any resource consent applications of significant interest to our community.
See the TDC application to improve Pohara drainage.

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The notification decisions that the Council makes on consent applications decides on who gets to particpate in the consent. 

Generally, we can only publicly notify an application if:

  • the adverse effects on the environment are more than minor, or 
  • there are special circumstances.

Where our community has significant interest in an application, we are sharing the relevant information that we're assessing and our decisions. You can then see what we are considering through the process.

For these applications we have either:

  • yet to make a decison on notification, or
  • decided to process the application non notified or limited notified it to identified persons only - as they didn't meet the legal test under the Resource Management Act 1991 for public notification.

Tasman District Council's Engineering Services is seeking resource consents for its flood protection works at Pōhara village.
The application is limited notified to specific persons - who have until until 14 February 2020 to make a submission.