How rates are set

We set rates on 30 June each year. This section explains the various charges included in your rates.

Your rates are made up of three components

The first two are paid by all properties:

  • the general rate 
  • the Uniform Annual General Charge

The third component is targeted rates, paid to fund specific activities.


Rates Brochure (pdf, 147 KB)

Summary of rates types and remission policies (pdf, 58 KB)

Rating Area Maps (pdf, 14 MB)

Funding Impact Statement (pdf, 16 MB)

Tasman District Council Revenue And Financing Policy (pdf, 317 KB)

Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC) $290
General rate 0.2245c / $ Capital Value
Targeted rates - district wide
Targeted rates - Motueka
Targeted rates - Golden Bay
Targeted rate - refuse and recycling
Targeted rates - water supply
Targeted rates - wastewater
Targeted rates - other
Legislation and policy framework
Rating area maps

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