Earthquake prone buildings

New Zealand has a relatively high earthquake risk so it is important for safety reasons that buildings are built or upgraded to be safe in an earthquake.

What is the risk?

Tasman District is in both a high and medium seismic risk area, according to the Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act 2016.

The high seismic risk area is south of Wakefield and Tapawera and includes Murchison, St Arnaud, Belgrove, Motupiko and Kohatu. 

The medium seismic risk area includes Wakefield, Tapawera and all points north.

Download a map of seismic risk areas

Earthquake Prone Building Areas (pdf, 2.2 MB)

The Council must identify earthquake-prone buildings

The Council has set timeframes to identify buildings as either potentially earthquake-prone or not. Likewise, building owners have a set time to carry our seismic strengthening work.

The timeframes are set out in this table

Seismic risk  Council must identify buildings by Owner to complete seismic remediation within
 Category Priority buildings Other buildings Priority buildings Other buildings
High risk 1 Jan 2020 1 July 2022 7.5 years 15 years
Medium risk 1 July 2022 1 July 2027 12.5 years 25 years
How do I know if my building is earthquake prone?
What are priority buildings?

What do building owners need to do?

Get an engineering assessment
What do I do if an earthquake-prone building notice is issued?

More information

Is funding available for heritage buildings?
Where has this all come from?
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