Timeframes for processing building consents

Council has twenty working days to process an application. However, if we need to pause and get more information from an applicant, it might take longer.

The Building Act 2004 gives a Building Consent Authority 20 working days to process an application.  We call this our "clock".

The clock starts when you submitt your application. If we review your application during vetting and identify the application is incomplete we will stop the clock. The clock will reset to zero until all information is provided.

The clock is paused if we need to ask for further information during processing.  We won't start it again until we've heard back from you.

The clock stops when we make the decision to grant your consent.

We monitor processing times closely and do everything we can to give you a quick result.  Last year, our average processing time was 12 working days.

The time is affected by:

  • the complexity of the application
  • the completeness and accuracy of the information provided.



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