Discretionary exemptions from building consents

Council will consider exemptions (under Schedule 1(2) of the Building Act) on a case-by-case basis. Exemptions can save documentation, time, and costs.

Council now also considers exemptions on a case-by-case basis for building work and projects where:

  • Work is carried out by or under supervision of suitably qualified persons, and
  • Assurances are given as to how compliance with the New Zealand Building Code will be achieved.
  • If compliance with the Code is not achieved in full, assurances must be given that life and property will not be affected.

How to apply for a discretionary exemption

Complete the application form on the AlphaOne portal.(external link)  You will need to include details of why the exemption should be approved.

You can apply for a discretionary exemption for...
You can't apply for a discretionary exemption if...

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