Compliance Schedules

A compliance schedule is a document that contains specific information about, and procedures for, specified systems within a building.

When you apply for a building consent for a new (or existing) building with specified systems, you will need to provide information with your application to enable the council to compile (or amend) the compliance schedule. 

The council will require details of the design features of the specified systems and proposed procedures for inspection, maintenance and reporting so they can be included in the compliance schedule. This will also include the performance standard a specified system is intended to meet, and to continue to meet, for the life of the building. For example, a fire alarm system may be required to meet New Zealand Standard 4512:2003. link)

It is important to provide a sufficient level of detail for each specified system.  This information is often, although not always, attached to fire reports and if it’s not provided a request for further information will be generated.  To avoid processing delays, please make sure the information referenced above is provided in the application documentation.  We recommend these are provided in the Reports (SD) File when uploading to the AlphaOne Portal.  An example of the level of Specified System detail required is below.

Reporting Template Example (pdf, 95 KB)

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