Inspections and compliance

Learn about how we make sure the plans match what's built and everything is up to code.

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During construction of your building project, you'll need to arrange inspections to ensure that the work is done in accordance with the approved plans.

The list of inspections you need will be provided as part of your building consent documentation.

The final inspection is for the "Code Compliance Certificate", the official document which verifies that the building work complies with the consent.  It's an important document, especially when it comes to selling your property.

If building work has been done in the past without a Building Consent, it may still be eligible for a "Certficate of Acceptance", which provides some verification that work meets the standards of the Building Code, at least as the Building Code was written at the time of construction.

Find out about the inspections you'll need, how to book them, and what will happen.

You can make changes once you have your consent, but this may affect the timeline of your project. Any changes must still comply with the Building Code.

A Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) verifies that the building work complies with the building consent. It is an important document, and should be retained for future reference.

If building work had been done without a building consent, or if we can't issue a Code Compliance Certificate, a Certificate of Acceptance may be a solution.

Commercial building owners have to get an annual Building Warrant of Fitness. This shows that the building complies with the rules in the Compliance Schedule that was issued with the consent's Code Compliance Certificate.

A certificate for public use allows the public to access a building before work is finished