Gather your information

You'll need several documents before you can submit your application.

You (or your architect or builder) will need to prepare several documents before you can submit your application. You'll need:

  • A Record of Title (less than 3 months old) including any Consent Notices
  • Plans
  • Specifications
  • Professional opinions or producer statements
  • Supporting documents - design and/or engineering reports

We recommend online applications, so these should be prepared as PDF files. We can accept paper applications if necessary, but this will incur additional fees.


Your drawings should include the level of detail seen in the guide. 

Download the Guide to applying for building consent (residential buildings)(external link)

Drawing conventions should generally conform to AS/NZS 1100.

Collating your documents

Please follow these conventions when you collate your documents. If your documents aren't in this format, we reserve the right to return them to you, as it affects our ability to process your application in time. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Category Documents
Record of Title
  • Record of Title 

  • Consent notices

  • Letter of authority from Owner

(For Woodburner only applciations we will acept a Rates document as proof of ownership)

  • Project plans, including Truss and Frame design and Services plans.

  • E2 Risk Matrix - preferably with elevations


You will need to provide a contents page with your specification document

  • Manufacturers' literature (provide site specific pages only, not necessarily a full copy of the manual).

  • Construction details usually attached to specifications

Supporting Documents

You will need to provide a contents page with your supporting document

  • Fire protection

  • Details of any Specified Systems
  • Accessibility

  • On-site wastewater disposal system

  • Geotechnical Reports

  • Engineer PS1, calculations and details

  • Bracing Calculations

  • H1 Calculations 

  • Building Conditions Report

Project Information Memorandum

  • Information relating to the PIM application or a PIM previously issued for the project

  • Any approved resource consent/s 

Restricted Building Work memorandums/ Owner-builder Declarations

  • Certificate of design work

  • Statutory declaration as to owner-builder status

Approvals from other authorities

  • FENZ approval
  • Approval for discharges to land, air or water

  • Environmental Protection Authorities for buildings, plant, and equipment containing hazardous substances

  • Licensing Agencies for approval of Food Premises or Health-related licensing

  • Ministry for Primary Industries for approvals of facilities and handling of animal products

Please don't...

  • Upload any file format other than PDF
  • Lock or password-protect the PDF files.

Please do...

  • Follow the naming conventions
  • Create one PDF for each category
  • Bookmark and label each page in the Plans PDF
  • Bookmark and label each section in the Specifications PDF
  • Bookmark and label each report in the Supporting docs PDF.

Ready to apply?

Once you have all your documents ready, you can submit your application.

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