Nelson Tasman Waste Management and Minimisation

Consultation closed 17 September 2018.

Our communities generate a lot of waste and about 62,000 tonnes from Nelson and Tasman ends up in the landfill each year.

We know that well over half of that waste could be dealt with in a better way by being re-used, recycled or composted – or avoided in the first place.

The Nelson City and Tasman District councils are working together to minimise and manage waste in our region.

We’ve developed a plan to guide us – but we can’t make a big impact on our own. Everyone has a part to play in re-using and recycling the resources we have, reducing waste and protecting our environment from its effects.

We need to hear from you. Are we on the right track with the draft plan? Is there more we could do? What part can you play?

About the Nelson Tasman Waste Management and Minimisation Plan
Where we’re heading
A load of rubbish
The costs of disposal
The waste hierarchy
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