Draft Richmond Catchment Management Plan feedback

A new holistic approach to managing stormwater in Richmond aims to improve flood resilience as well as protect our waterways and the environment. Consultation closed May 1.

Feedback closed Wednesday 1 May 2019

The goal of the plan is to combine stormwater and flooding information, environmental information, and social and cultural information for the whole area, or catchment.

The Draft Richmond Catchment Management Plan:

  • combines our current knowledge of the catchment and stormwater networks, and
  • identifies issues and sets out a series of actions to help us achieve our vision and aspirations.

Once finalised, the plan will provide long term direction for the management of stormwater within the Richmond area. 

Have your say

You’re invited to have your say on the draft Richmond Catchment Management Plan, which is open for public feedback from Friday 22 March to Wednesday 1 May 2019.

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We are especially interested to get your feedback on the following questions:

  1. Do you support our approach to stormwater management in Richmond?
  2. What aspects of the plan are most important to you?
  3. Have we set our aspirations and long term targets right?
  4. What else should we consider, that hasn’t been addressed in the draft Richmond Catchment Management Plan?

We'd also like to hear from you if you want to be involved in the implementation of specific parts of the plan. Please tell us how and where you would like to contribute.  

View the draft plan 

Draft Richmond Catchment Management Plan
Draft Urban Stormwater Strategy
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