Draft Responsible Camping Strategy Consultation

We need to hear from you – this strategy will inform the way we manage freedom and budget campers in our District through regulations, providing facilities, and visitor information.

Over recent years the numbers of campers in both self-contained and non-self-contained vehicles has increased dramatically, particularly in Motueka and Golden Bay. The increase in freedom and budget campers has come with challenges, including littering, waste disposal, noise, public space conflicts, safety and commercial competition concerns.

We want to continue to be welcoming hosts to people wishing to enjoy the uniquely Tasman experience, and we expect our visitors to respect the special places and communities as they pass through.

The draft Responsible Camping Strategy is intended to provide direction as we manage responsible camping through regulations and by providing facilities and visitor information. It may lead to future rule changes in the Tasman Freedom Camping Bylaw.

Download and read the summary and the draft Responsible Camping Strategy here:

Submitting feedback

Tell us what you think before 18 November 2019. You can send a submission about our Draft Reponsible Freedom Camping Strategy in a number of ways.

Fill out the form on our website

Send us your form via email

Forms can be found at any of our Tasman District Council Offices and Libraries, or downloaed here. Fill it out and send it to info@tasman.govt.nz

Send your form to us via post 

Draft Responsible Camping Strategy
Tasman District Council
Private Bag 4
Richmond 7050

The Responsible Camping Association considers that all campers can and should be self-contained and is promoting an alternative accreditation systems. This self-containment accreditation system focuses on the education and competency of the camper, rather than a standard that applies to the facilities on a vehicle.

We apologise to the Responsible Camping Association for incorrectly implying that it consists of campers with non-self-contained vehicles.

Information Drop In Sessions
Hearings - verbal support for your submission

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