Public Water Supply Bylaw

Submissions close on 5 July 2019

We are seeking your feedback on proposed changes to the Public Water Supply bylaw.  

Why are we changing the bylaw?

In 2018 we began a review of our Water Supply Bylaw with a focus on the way we implement water restrictions during times of drought or emergency. In July and August 2018 we consulted on some changes to the Bylaw and introduced the Water Restriction Protocol – a new framework for imposing water restrictions. The consultation feedback highlighted some issues that Council had not previously considered.

During the summer of 2019, most parts of Tasman District experienced a severe drought and many public water supplies faced water shortages. To manage demand and protect our water sources, we imposed a series of escalating water restrictions based on the draft Water Restriction Protocol. This gave us an opportunity to ‘road test’ the restrictions.

Taking into account the lessons learned from the recent drought and the feedback from the initial consultation, we are proposing some further changes to the Bylaw.



Read the Public Water Supply Bylaw Consultation Document (pdf, 2.8 MB)

Summary of Information

A summary of the proposed amendments are provided in the Summary of Information (pdf, 232 KB).

Statement of Proposal

The Draft Public Water Supply Bylaw (pdf, 993 KB) and Water Restriction Protocol (pdf, 136 KB)

Both of these documents form part of the Statement of Proposal (pdf, 242 KB).

(Note: Changes to the Draft Public Water Supply Bylaw document are colour-coded. Black text is the original bylaw. Green indicates changes from the original consulted on in 2018. Blue indicates the latest changes in 2019.)

Have your say

The Council is seeking feedback from the public about further amendments made to the bylaw that specifically addressed issues raised during the initial consultation and lessons learned during the recent drought.

(There is also a hard copy submission form on the back page of the Public Water Supply Bylaw Consultation Document.)

Return your feedback by 5 July 2019 to:

  • Senior Executive Assistant, Engineering Services, Tasman District Council, Private Bag 4, Richmond 7050
  • Alternatively, drop it into any council service centre or libary, fax to 03 543 9524 or email - 

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact Helen Lane (

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