Pigeon Valley Fire Update 68: Wakefield prepare to evacuate notice lifted
Wakefield prepare to evacuate notice lifted Civil Defence Group Controller Roger Ball has lifted the conditional re-entry status for Wakefield. The decision was possible because of the work that had been done in fighting the fire and means people living and working in Wakefield are no longer subjec...

Proposed Dangerous, Insanitary and Affected Buildings Policy

We want to make sure Tasman District is a safe place to live, visit, and work in. To do that, we need to make sure buildings won’t pose a danger to people going about their daily lives.

Consultation closes 22 February 2019

Over time, buildings may become dangerous or insanitary, or be affected by other buildings. This could be caused by natural disaster or extreme weather, because of illegal building work or lack of maintenance.

We have reviewed our Dangerous, Insanitary and Affected Buildings Policy, which outlines how we will identify and take action to address any dangerous, insanitary or affected buildings in Tasman District.

More information

You can find more detail about the proposed policy in these documents:

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Consultation on the proposed policy is open from 10 December 2018 until 22 February 2019.

Information and submission forms are also available at Tasman District Council offices and libraries.

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