Beat the Mayor!

Can you beat the Mayor's water saving efforts? Competition closes Sunday 31 March 2019.

Black and white image of the Mayor

Beat the Mayor's water saving and win the chance to give him a dunking

Hold up – put down the bricks and bats.

What we mean is: Beat the mayor’s water-saving efforts!

Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne reckons he’s pretty awesome at water conservation. He and wife Jane have reduced their household water use to 97 litres per day. That’s less than a fifth of the water used by the average two-person household in Tasman District.

But we think you can beat him!

To give you a head-start, we’ve tricked Richard into revealing all his water-saving tricks.

January 2019 household daily water use: 350 litres per day

Current household daily water use: 97 litres per day

Here’s how he did it:

  • Read meter regularly
  • Only water garden with recycled shower water
  • Shower every second day
  • Short showers – turn water on briefly to wet down. Soap, shampoo. Turn water on briefly to rinse off.
  • Boil jug for hot water rather than run tap
  • Wash dishes in a container then reuse water on garden
  • Replace leaky outdoor tap
  • Full washing machine loads only
  • Full dishwasher loads only

Doesn’t sound too hard right?

The grand prize …

If you can beat Richard, you’ll get the chance to take him down in person. Anyone who can top his water saving will earn the chance to dunk Richard in the Richmond Aquatic Centre pool.

How to enter

To start you will need to read your water meter.

On day one, record or take a photo of the numbers on your meter. Black numbers are cubic metres (thousands of litres) and red numbers are litres.

At the same time on day two, record or take a photo of the numbers on your meter.

Work out your daily use by subtracting the day one meter reading from the day two meter reading.

For example:

Day two: 577 558

- Day one: 577 058

Total: 500 litres

Then fill in our online form and let us know how you reduced your water use. Good luck!

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