Aorere ki uta Aorere ki tai - Tasman Environment Plan

We're reviewing our existing Resource Management Act plans and will be creating a new resource management plan, which we are calling the Tasman Environment Plan - Aorere ki uta, Aorere ki tai.

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Tasman District Council currently has two key resource management documents, the Tasman Regional Policy Statement (TRPS) and the Tasman Resource Management Plan (TRMP - which includes our district, regional and regional coastal plans). Together, they provide a blueprint for where and how our communities will grow and how we manage natural resources. They do this by setting some rules and environmental bottom lines that affect people and businesses on a regular basis.

Creating the modern plan to replace the TRPS and TRMP is a big opportunity for Tasman. Through quality policies, we can plan for sustainable development, build greater resilience in the face of a changing climate and natural hazards, enable livelihoods, turn around biodiversity loss, retain productive rural land, and protect and restore waterways.

Council will work closely with iwi partners, stakeholders, and our communities to make sure the new Tasman Environment Plan provides for quality development in appropriate places, while protecting and restoring our land, air, and water ki uta ki tai (from the mountains to the sea).

This is a multi-year journey, and we will provide opportunities along the way for community input. We are at the beginning of the process now, so it is the perfect time to have your say on our future direction.

Have your say on our local resource management issues and opportunities, and what makes our places special.(external link)

Community engagement: October - November 2020
Why are we reviewing our plans?
Project timeline
Partnership with iwi
How can I be involved?

Background information

Efficiency and Effectiveness Evaluations
Tasman's operative resource management plans

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